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7 mistakes brides make when choosing a cake maker:

Not all of us are able to have the contacts and money to have a lavish wedding that Meghan and Harry are arranging, nonetheless, for any couple taking the plunge into married life – and whatever the financial outlook – want to make the most of the day with our new spouse, friends and family so here are 7 mistakes we commonly see made when it comes to the cake:


Check out the cake maker:

  • Social media platforms can give insight – photos and reviews – so take the time to investigate thoroughly, and ask around too to get recommendations
  • Talk to the cake makers as like any other wedding planning you have to be able to feel comfortable with the people you want to make your day unforgettable
  • Not all cake makers are experienced with wedding cake making either so be sure to ask them if it is not clear on any advertising or media they have posted on


If friends/family, or you are going to make the cake make sure this will not add to the stress nearer to the wedding date, and that they or you have the right skills. We see hundreds of people year on year who just haven’t thought the whole logistics out of the wedding cake as it is not just the design, it is getting the cake to the venue and setting it up; do you or your family want to do this on the wedding day for instance?


Timings. Ensure you leave yourself time to organise and choose a cake maker. This is another common mistake thinking it is 1 or 2 years away. Most good cake makers get booked up 1 year or more in advance.


Cost of cakes are commonly underestimated. To buy ingredients, decoration and icings, and the cake makers time all cost money so ways to avoid increasing costs are to have a clear idea when you have the consultation with them and take along photos showing some of the cake designs that you like. Likewise if a cake maker has quoted you really earth shattering cheap prices for a cake then usually in our experience you get what you pay for.


Check out your venue. Marquees and older rickety floors can cause the table that the cake is placed on to become unstable especially if you are planning a tall/tiered cake. Check with hotel staff/caterers where cakes are located during the wedding celebration; I have seen some cakes placed near large hot air heating systems; cakes and hot air/heaters are not a good mix!


Cake tastings are always a good way to find out whether you like flavours or the cake makers baking skills too. So if you are having a consultation ask the cake maker whether they can provide tasting samples, or if you or family are  making the cake make up a trial smaller cake to try out


Food allergies and preferences are increasingly becoming the norm. If you, a partner, or you have family or friends with food allergies advise the cake maker that this is the case; and if you are wanting a preference say vegan for example you might be well advised to seek out a cake maker who specialises in these.

About the author: Lauren Milligan is the founding director of a cake decoration and sugarcraft company called Sweet Inspiration who specialise in all things cake related. Started from a market stall in 2012 out of a passion to help others get the right advice on cake, bake, sugarcraft and confectionery projects. Sweet Inspiration now see thousands of people face-to-face per year helping them source the right products and services.

7 mistakes brides make when choosing a cake maker

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Free In Store Collection

Free UK Delivery on all orders over £35

Delivery from £2.99

Safe and Secure Payments

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