Cake Decoration Dummies

Cake decoration dummies are useful for many reasons which include using them for a display where real cake in not an option, or if you just want to practice your cake decoration and covering skills. Cake decorating dummies are also very useful to give height to a tiered cake where all real cake is not required e.g smaller number of guests.

If covering your baked cakes with sugar paste using a small amount of water and icing sugar mixed can help the sugar paste adhere to the cake dummy. If you are just practicing your cake decoration skills then you may not need to use anything to stick the icing to the cake dummy surface if you are wanting to reuse the icing. Our cake dummies can be bought from our shop in Dumfries Scotland, or ordered online and delivered all over England, Wales and Scotland from London to Bristol, Birmingham to Liverpool, Carlisle to Aberdeen and everywhere else – we ship at low prices!