Flower Pastes

Flower pastes are and edible paste which can be used in a variety of ways. Traditionally it is used for making delicate and realistic sugar flowers which can be wired; the paste can be rolled very thinly, and contains albumen. The paste can also be used to make sugar plaques which can be cut from basic shapes to then be written on or decorated. The paste can also be mixed with sugar paste/fondant in a 50:50 ratio to create modelling pastes.
The white flower pastes can be coloured with a quality food colouring; in some instances with particularly flower sugarcraft colours can affect the drying time so please be aware of this. If you are needing further advice then please contact us and we will only be happy to help with any queries whether you have.
We send out UK wide so distance is no object – covering Inverness to Stock-on-Trent, Maidstone to Ledbury.

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