Couverture Chocolate White 1kg

Couverture Chocolate White 1kg


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Couverture Chocolate White 1kg

Couverture Chocolate White 1kg bag ideal for ganache making and other chocolate work. Belcolade make (Belgian chocolate).

Suitable for tempering, ganaches, and other confectionery uses. 28% minimum cocoa solids. Unsweetened chocolate with a natural vanilla flavour.

Ganache can be a really good option to make as a base layer prior to using the roll out icing. Start with the sides of the cake building up the chocolate layer to just over the top of the cake. Leave to dry for a short time then using a smaller palette knife or sharp knife dipped into hot water cut off the lip of the chocolate this helps create a sharp edge to the cake. Cover the top of the cake with the remainder of the ganache smoothing out with the palette knife. Leave to dry and then cover with the roll out icing.

Couverture Chocolate White 1kg

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