Piping Gel


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Piping Gel

Piping Gel is edible and is used for a variety of cake making and sugarcraft projects. Use for string work in royal icing, water effects on cake projects, and for outlining and making stained glass window effects. 325g net.

Below are some other uses for piping gel:

  • Use to mask cake dummies before covering with sugar paste
  • Use with royal icing for brush embroidery techniques to soften the royal icing and prolong working time.
  • Water effects on cake projects. Colour with blue food colouring (see below)
  • Glaze edible items to protect and add shine to your work. Dilute with a white alcohol (small amount).
  • Glaze tarts and other baked goods for finishing and help preserve them
  • Stain glass effects on cakes; colour batches and use to give a stained glass effect. You can also pipe the gel outlines.
  • Stabilise whipped cream by using in the recipe to prevent the cream from liquefying.

To colour the piping gel use a good quality food colour (see below for our food colourings) simply mix your selected colour into the gel and mix thoroughly. Use more of the food colouring to create more vibrant shades.

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Piping Gel

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