PME Candy Buttons Black


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PME Candy Buttons Black

PME Candy Buttons Black. These candy buttonsĀ can be melted in the microwave and used in a variety of ways including on cake coverings, moulding, drizzling and cakepops. 340g. Light vanilla flavour.

PME black candy melts once melted down should allow you to coat your cake pops or cake top, and dry to a harder consistency. If you wish to use sprinkles or similar on top of the cake then simple add prior to the mixture drying too hard. A small amount of vegetable oil can be added to help make the chocolate a bit smoother if it becomes lumpy during the melting process.

PME candy melts can also be used to cover cake boards; melt then smooth over the cake board, it will dry to a hardened finish ready to place your cake on.

PME Candy Buttons Black

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