Renshaw black sugar paste 500g

Renshaw Sugar Paste – Black 500g


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Renshaw Sugar Paste – Black 500g

Renshaw Sugar Paste РBlack 500g. Renshaw black sugar paste 250g. Professional, quality sugar paste less prone to cracking so is ideal for more challenging shapes too. Conforms to EU legislation on food colours. Made with non hydrogentated fats.

Quality Renshaw sugar paste in black is ideal for covering cakes, and basic modelling. Ideal to buy ready coloured black as less mess and also gives a consistent finish throughout.

Black can also be changed to make shades of grey using white sugar paste too. We always suggest that if you are working with a variety of coloured sugar pastes then try and apply or use the Renshaw black sugar paste last where possible to prevent marking the other colours.

When applying black sugarpaste as the main cake covering often the white icing sugar will mark the surface this can be brushed off or using a small amount of white alcohol such as gin or vodka brush the surface lightly to remove the marks.

Renshaw Sugar Paste – Black 500g

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