Wrights Madeira cake mix

Wrights Madeira Cake Mix


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Wrights Madeira cake mix

Wrights Madeira cake mix 500g  is a quick and easy way to make and bake cakes, cupcakes or a tray bake. The Madeira cake mix has a subtle buttery & vanilla flavour.  Just add water and oil plus any toppings you like to make delicous freshly baked cakes every time.

Each 500g pack will make 12 muffins, 24 cupcakes or 1 traybake (12-15 slices). One whole cake will serve approximately 15 slices.

To make up place water and 60mL of water in a mixing bowl and then add the cake mix blend together for 1 minute with a electric whisk or 1-2 mins by hand.

Wrights Madeira cake mix is one of a range which also include chocolate fudge and carrot

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